Monday, 26 July 2010

Counselling needed after Trinty nightmare..

I was looking for a match on Saturday 24th July and happened to hear that Leighton Palmer was organising one at Trinity, I got booked in and anticipated a few fish.

It seems that Mr Anonymous has put a curse on my fishing, I've struggled to catch since his kind comments. I walked the lake with Leighton and we pegged it out, the draw bag gave me peg 10, I wasn't too disappointed, although 14 or 15 would have been my preferred choice.

I set up two pellet wagglers, two identical shallow rigs on the pole, a paste rig and a margin rig. The main approach was to fish shallow, I lost a fish first put in on the waggler, then had one around 4lb, then that was it, nothing apart from the odd roach. Leighton on peg 11 had a couple of carp on paste, so I tried dropping in over the feed I'd put in at 12m. I had some fish on paste, but could hear constant splasing from the pegs to my right - some one was catching on ..... the method feeder...... Bob Sheppard was catching on pellet at depth on 13, but the noise of the feeder and the subsequent landing of fish would not go away.

I couldn't emulate what was happening, as I don't take a feeder rod to Trinity, I've never fished the method any way, this looked like being the first ever match I've fished at Trinity that was won by someone fishing the feeder.

I tipped back about 40lb, as I knew I wasn't in line for a pick up, so unusual for the fish not to have go up in the water on this venue.

The match was won with 90lb+ from peg 7 on the method, sorry I didn't get the gents name, there was an 80lb+, a couple of 50lb+ weights as well, so it didn't fish too bad, just very different to the norm.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. I fished a match there the Friday before you. I drew peg 10 and set up like you and fished very poor. Peg 13 won, with carp all day on the method..........