Sunday, 11 July 2010

Landsend Sunday 11th July 2010

Last Monday Tony Rixon text me that there was a space in his float only series today, if I wanted it, it took a little thought after my last time and the dross that is peg 54. But it is a 50+ peg match and useful County points if framing, so positive thoughts all week should see me draw on Match or Specimen Lake. The power of thought obviously doesn't work.......

I wasn't too happy with 58 when it came out of the bucket, right opposite 54, I toyed with the idea of not bothering to go to the peg, but decided to go and see what I could catch. No sign of fish moving when I got there, apart from the odd cruiser, with the level down, there was no shelf across to the island - well there was but it was out of the water.

I set up my standard paste rig, a shallow rig and rigs for banded pellet and soft pellet/meat/corn. Shallow rig was a Drake peacock dibber on 0.15 with a 18PR36. The banded pellet and soft pellet rigs were th same, MW slim powers on 0.17 to a 0.15 hooklength, with a 16B960 for the band and a B911 16 for the soft baits.

I started cupping in some softened micros, 4 & 6mm pellets at 14m 2 o'clock for the paste line, catapulting some pellet at the island and potting some meat & pellet in at 12.5m just short of the island tip. After 20 minutes of inactivity on the deck on the island lines, there were some blows over the softend pellet feed and I dropped th paste rig in, I had three fish in the first hour, then a quiet spell when I had a couple of crucians.

After three hours I'd had another couple of fish on the paste and had fed another line at 10 o'clock, this was shallower so I set up another paste rig and had a carp on that immediately, followed by a bream that should have weighed 4½ or 5lb, but looked a bit skinny. By switching between the 10 & 2 o'clock lines I kept the odd bite coming and ended the match with 10 carp, 2 crucians, and F1, a bream and a skimmer. The silvers went 6lb odd, the carp 53lb something, for a total of 61.02, enough to win the section and second on the lake as there was a 62lb weight in the other section.

The lake fished hard again, with many good anglers struggling, absolutely no chance of competing with with the weights from the speci and match lakes. I doubt that I'll be back at Landsend anytime soon when all the lakes are in the hat, unless I'm in a series.

1. Tony Rixon 156-02-0 peg 29
2. Nick Duckett 145-14-0 peg 1
3. Dean Mallin 119-09-0 peg 31
4. John Dursley 108-0-0 peg 11
5. Fred Roberts 106-08-0 peg 19
6. Craig Edmonds 71-0-0 peg 13


1. Craig Edmonds 38-0-0 peg 13
2. Nick Collins 15-12-0 peg 21
3. Mike Baber 15-10-0 peg 3
4. Mike Nicholls 12-04-0 peg 5


tony rixon,s days out said...

good news you came 8th so you got a few county points yay

Anonymous said...

you are a miserable old moaning f**k - you're shit

Chris Fox said...

Thanks for your constructive critisim, I doubt if a grumpy old man lke me can stop moaning, but I carry on in the hope that I'll improve from shit, to at least average.