Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Tony Rixon's Float Only Round One, Viaduct, Sunday 28th May 2017

Back to Viaduct today and first round of Tony's popular float only league, a section win with a decent weight would be the aim, so pulling peg 90 from the tin wasn't the best start.  It has thrown up match wins with big weights, but they are pretty few and far between, usually when a warm wind has been pushing in there for a few days.

With the lead rods home in the garage, that was one option I didn't have to consider, so two waggler rods set up and 4 topkits, edge rig, meat rig, pellet on the deck and a shallow rig.  Bit of time before the start and I wandered up to 88 where Tony Rixon was sat, being overseen by Judith.  The light was different here and there were fish visible just below the surface, went back to my peg and the shadows of the trees were stopping me seeing them.

On the all in I started as usual on meat short, this was a waste of time, as was everything else I tried and 2 hours in I was blanking and wondering about an early bath and the pub. The sun had come round and I did finally see a couple of cruisers, although dropping a bait anywhere near them just saw the melt away into the depths.  Finally, I got a 16lber to take a bunch of maggots.  I had brought some paste and did have one on that, before managing to mug two more on maggots. The guys I could see on the diagonal bank - Gordon Cannings, Mike Nicholls and Gary Oshea were all struggling as well, but I could hear Tony catching a few on 88.

The short meat line did eventually give up a few fish, the margin was a disappointment, one fish landed and 4 fouler lost, it seemed they were coming in over the bait but not really feeding.  By upping the feed on the short line, I was getting the odd bubble and sign of a fish, but had to sit and wait for up to 20 minutes for a bite,

Ended with a lot more than I expected when I was blanking after 2 hours, 99.06, but that was a long way from Tony's weight, so second in section for me, not a disaster, but you can't afford to drop too many section wins in this league.

1.Tony Rixon - 197lb 13oz - peg 88
2. Shawn Townsend - 187lb 6oz - peg 115...
3. Dave Evans - 160lb 15oz - peg 81
4. Neil Mercer - 154lb 5oz - peg 123
5. Joe McMahon - 151lb 5oz - peg 124
6. Shawn Kittridge - 140lb 8oz - peg 121

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